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Primal Cosmetics has developed a whole range of Genipa Americana products, to suit every cosmetic production department's needs from the large manufacturers to small independent packagers. Our products are manufactured to the very highest standards, assuring safety, quality and performance.

               A full range of cosmetic products, ideal for the Temporary Body Art market.

Get in on the ground floor and be one of the first to start marketing Genipa Americana products.
Relax and choose Primal Cosmetics in order to:

  • Save time and money in product development.
  • Save time and money during formulation.
  • Create your products with fixed and stable costs.
  • Create your products with reliable, quality assured, and ecologically & ethically sound content.

If you are looking for retail body art products containing Genipa Americana,
then please see our Stockists page.

Innovative and reliable solutions for private labelling, own branding and cosmetics manufacturing