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The plant Genipa Americana is known by many different local names. For retail marketing purposes it is necessary to utilise just one key name, whilst still acknowledging the others. For the Western markets we use the term 'Jagua Tattoos' . Of all the different local names, our market research found the name 'Jagua' to be the most popular pre-fix to the word 'tattoo'. The word 'Jagua' is easy to pronounce and forms an instant association with South America because of the South American big cat of the same name, the Jaguar (Panthera Onca).

South & Central America is also opening up to tourism, and some of the more easily accessible regions of rainforest are located in Panama for example, where the local name for Genipa Americana is Jagua. North American tourists are already referring to the local traditional Genipa Americana body art as 'Jagua Tattoos' . Other regions of the rainforests, where Genipa Americana is known by many other names, are less accessible and therefore less frequented by tourists. See a travel log with reference to 'Black Jagua Juice Tattoos' Link to travel log webpage

Be prepared for the start of the Jagua Tattoo phenomenon and choose Primal Cosmetics for your specific production needs ~ leaving you free to concentrate on marketing and promotion.

  • Private Labelling - Choose Genipa Americana Temporary Tattoo Gel squeeze tubes.
  • Own Branding - Choose from our Genipa Americana Temporary Tattoo Gel & Paint ranges.
  • Manufacturing - Choose from our Genipa Americana Extract ranges

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