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Safety Ethics

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Safety Statement

At Primal Cosmetics quality assurance and product safety is paramount. We adhere to strict quality management procedures throughout all stages of logistics and production across our entire product range. Our batch coding information ensures traceability from the origins of the fruit in the Amazon to the finished product in your hands, including every step along the way.

As a supplier to the cosmetics industry we regard product safety as essential. All our products are independently batch tested* here in the UK for assessment of:

The safety for human health of the finished product taking into consideration the general toxicological profile for each ingredient used,
its chemical structure and its level of exposure, in accordance with current European legislation - The Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations 2004, Regulation 9(1)(d). For your continued quality management purposes, every consignment that we despatch is accompanied by
its corresponding Safety Data Sheet

* Primal Cosmetics is against animal testing on cosmetics products and ingredients. We do   not test any of our products or ingredients on animals - nor do we contract such services   elsewhere.

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